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New Climate Action Series

New Climate Action Series

Have you noticed the new tab on our website? The GLRC has launched a focus on Climate Action, Work, and Labour for the 2022-2023 academic year. Through dedicated blog posts, research reports, seminars, and roundtable discussions, we will turn our attention to specific strategies for climate action.

In a time of intensifying ecological devastation and social fracture, how do we forge space between despair and denial – space for collective hope, resolve and action? We see the entanglement of time in the climate crisis, as we are living through past decisions and exploits in the here and now that will extend far into the future. Immediate worries (for the economy and jobs, for example) will lose meaning over time. Our collective response must move beyond a binary framing of short-term vs long-term priorities, “blue” vs “green” interests, or economic vs environmental concerns. The past and future are now, demanding our recognition and effort.

We invite researchers who work at the intersection of climate action and labour to submit ideas for blog posts, research reports, or events; or be featured in a researcher profile. To submit a proposal or for more information on this series, email us at

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