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Guidelines: Research Conducted In Educational Institutions

Researchers proposing to conduct research in elementary schools, high schools, colleges, universities and/or other institutions of education are required to obtain permission from the institutions to undertake the research as proposed. Researchers shall be advised that ethics review is required both from the educational institution(s) and York REB. School boards, colleges, universities have their own REBs and researchers are advised that they are required to obtain approval from the relevant education REB prior to commencing research. Researchers are further advised that it is, generally, more efficient to obtain approval from the educational facility first rather than obtain from York REB as, should the school require changes, the researcher will then be required to bring forward the school board suggested changes to the York REB as an amendment for review and approval –which is a time consuming activity.

Researchers should:

  1. Submit an ethics protocol and obtain approval and/or permission to undertake the research from the relevant school board, then
  2. Submit an ethics protocol package – including the approval certificate from the relevant educational institution – to the HPRC for review and approval.

Notes: The HPRC will not – generally - review protocols involving research in an educational setting unless documentation is provided confirming approval to do so.