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Strategic Research Plan 2018-2023

York University is a leader in research that crosses disciplinary boundaries. This is reflected in our research strengths across six intersecting themes:
  1. Advancing Fundamental Inquiry and Critical Knowledge
  2. Analyzing Cultures and Mobilizing Creativity
  3. Building Healthy Lives, Communities and Environments.
  4. Exploring and Interrogating the Frontiers of Science and Technology
  5. Forging a Just and Equitable World
  6. Integrating Entrepreneurial Innovation and the Public Good
Two people sitting on couch, younger woman to the right with arm around older man.
At the same time, there are five areas of opportunities to further accelerate research growth and success:
  1. Digital Cultures
  2. Healthy Individuals, Healthy Communities and Global Health
  3. Indigenous Futurities
  4. Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Society
  5. Public Engagement for a Just and Sustainable World

Robot reaching out to holographic screens filled with data and maps.