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I am having problems enrolling.

I am having problems enrolling.

Below are some common issues. Please review them first, then if you need additional help send an email to outlining your problem and providing your name, student # and the course/lab you are trying to get into. 

  • You may be trying to enroll in a lab or tutorial section that is full or that has not been opened yet. Please try to enroll in another lab or tutorial section. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee space in the lab of your choice. Enrolments occur on a first come first served basis for most courses. 
  • Remaining spaces may be reserved for students in a particular program. In this case, you must wait until the course opens to all other students. The undergrad office can tell you when that will happen. 
  • For high-demand courses, we typically de-enroll students who lack the necessary prerequisites. While this is happening, enrollments in the course may be locked. Try again in a few hours or the next day. 

If a prerequisite check is up and you lack the prerequisites you cannot enrol. If you have the prerequisites by transfer credit, please email with all of the required information.