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Faculty and Research

The Biology faculty includes accomplished and internationally renowned research scientists who are dedicated to helping you acquire critical learning, analytical and scientific skills. We strive to inspire and engage you through lectures, laboratory courses, field courses, and independent study programs. We welcome you to explore the fascinating research and faculty experts in our department.

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Research Areas

Cell and Molecular Biology

The molecular and cellular biology (MCB) group at York is comprised of researchers utilizing forefront biochemical and molecular techniques to probe the structure and function of various biomolecules and cell biological processes. Topics as diverse as plant and human viruses, cancer, circadian rhythms, structure of signalling molecules and cellular differentiation are studied. The department also supports a growing integration of the MCB researchers with interdisciplinary groups from psychology, mathematics and statistics, kinesiology and chemistry through university wide research centres.

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

The Ecology and Evolution group at the Department of Biology study a wide range of systems to solve both pure and applied problems in biology. The group has expertise in conservation biology and biodiversity, behavioural ecology and genetics, plant ecology and evolution, limnology and paleolimnology, bee biology, and ecological genomics.

Physiology and Neuroscience

Physiology is a critical science providing insight and answers pertaining to the fundamental function and regulation of cells, tissues, organs and systems of living organisms. With particular strength in animal physiology, faculty members in the Department of Biology lead well funded and very active research programs utilizing a comparative and integrative approach, ranging from studies at the molecular level right through to whole animal physiological homeostasis.

Research in the Biology Graduate Program

Graduate Research & Supervisors

Research in the Biology graduate program is focused on several broad areas: molecular and cellular biology; vertebrate, invertebrate and plant physiology; ecology and evolution. This focus ensures that within each area there is a critical mass of interacting people and shared resources to produce a strong research environment. Within the research areas, faculty members work on a diversity of research problems.

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PhD student in a lab

Life Sciences Building

Graduate Facilities and Resources

The faculty of the Biology graduate program are housed primarily in 3 buildings: Farquharson, Lumbers and the new Life Sciences Building (LSB). LSB houses 14 faculty members together with their research teams and graduate students. This building provides leading edge technologies for advanced biological research in a stunning open concept laboratory space spread over two research floors. The building has specialized state-of-the-art facilities for cellular imaging, nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectrometry, flow cytometry, and has shared resources and equipment for cell culture and radioisotope use. The open space creates a community among its occupants, encourages interaction and increases scientific collaboration.