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Seminar Series

The Department of Biology’s Seminar Series features a diverse group of national and international scientists in the fields of Cell and Molecular Biology, Physiology, and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

Seminars are held on Mondays from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm (unless noted otherwise below).

Next Biology Seminar - Dr. Crawford Drury- Wednesday May 15th., 2024 @12:30 pm.

Winter 2024 Seminar Schedule

January 15Dr. Jean-Paul Paluzzi Dr. Jonathan Michaels, 
Sensory prediction as a fundamental component of motor planning
February 5 Dr. Eryn McFarlaneDr. Ålund, 
Uppsala University
Reproductive interactions in a warming world: insights from long-term monitoring of naturally hybridizing flycatchers
February 19
*Family Day*
February 26 Dr. Gary Sweeney Dr. Richard Simpson,
The University of Arizona
Exercise as an immune adjuvant for cancer therapies
Special Seminar:
Thursday, May 2 @11 am.
Dr. Jean-Paul Paluzzi & Dr. Andrew DoniniDr. Aylin Rodan, 
University of Utah
Adaptive responses to osmotic stress in Drosophila
Special Seminar:
Wednesday, May 15 @12:30 pm.
Dr. Amro Zayed Dr. Crawford Drury, 
Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology
Kāneʻohe Bay as a model system for exploring climate resilience on coral reefs

Fall 2023 Seminar Schedule

September 25 Dr. Jeff Schall Dr. Jeff Schall,
York University
Structure and Function: A Research Theme
October 2 Dr. Tamara KellyDr. Jyotsna Vinayak, Field Enablement Manager at BenchlingBeyond the Bench: Alternative Careers Outside of Academia
October 9
*Thanksgiving - no seminar*
October 16 Dr. Sapna SharmaDr. Kirill Shchapov,
York University
Seasonal Dynamics of the Lower-Level Food Web in Northern Lakes, with Emphasis on Winter
October 23 Dr. Mark Bayfield Dr. Jonah Beenstock, 
Sicheri Lab, Mount Sinai Hospital
Exploring the inner workings of a tRNA-modifying enzyme complex
Friday October 27 @1:30 pm. 2023 YorkU Gairdner Lecture Seminar.
Room 940N Ross Building
Dr. Ron PearlmanDr. Deborah Cook,
McMaster University. St. Joseph's Healthcare
Dr. John Jumper,
Google DeepMind
Critical Care Research: From Humble Beginnings to Global Reach

Highly Accurate Protein Structure Prediction and Its Applications
October 30 Dr. Laurence PackerDr. Aline Martins,
University of Michigan 
Bees and plants evolution in the Neotropics
November 6 Dr. Beth ClareDr. Liam McGuire,
University of Waterloo
Migration Ecophysiology: The Influence of Heterothermy in Migratory Bats and Birds
November 13 Dr. Carol BuckingDr. Cosima Porteus, University of TorontoThe effects of ocean acidification on the sense of smell of marine animals: evidence form multiple levels of biological organization
November 20 Dr. Kathi HudakDr. Matt Smith,
Wilfred Laurier University
Protein targeting pathways to the chloroplast outer membrane
November 27 Dr. Beth ClareDr. Joanna Coleman, Queens College at the City University of New YorkA multi-pronged research agenda for bat conservation