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What are the career opportunities in Biology?

Careers in Biology 

Careers with a BSc in Biology, Biomedical Science, Biotechnology, Environmental Biology 

A BSc in Biology provides a strong foundation for a diversity of careers. Not surprisingly, different areas of degree specialization may be more suitable for certain career paths. For example, specialization in Biomedical Science provides an especially strong background for careers in medicine and medical research, nursing, dentistry, and other health sciences. A degree in Environmental Biology provides an especially strong background for careers in environmental research, management and consulting. However, these lines are far from rigid and we encourage you to explore broadly when thinking of future careers. 

Keep in mind that with any BSc degree you automatically qualify for any position that requires a University Bachelor degree. In completing your degree you will develop many less visible “soft skills”, such as analytical thinking, critical analysis, problem solving, verbal and written communication skills. Below are some general career areas relevant to a degree in Biology (some of which will require additional training or education), followed by a specific list of employment opportunities that we have found requiring a BSc. 

Biology-Related Industry 

There are many industries and distributor companies that support biological research and biology education, including those making specialized equipment, related software to operate and interpret data, basic laboratory chemicals, lab ware, biological reagents, among other things. These industries require people in sales, research and development, customer service, communications and can serve as a great start for an interesting career. In fact, many have “career” sections on their websites.