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I am not sure how to select my courses for next year

I am not sure how to select my courses for next year

Group advising sessions for first- and second-year students are held each spring, in late February or March. Make sure you attend one of these sessions. Times and places are posted on the list serve, this website and are available from the UG office. Slides from previous group advising sessions are posted on the website under advising, together with a variety of other advising information. Please review the advising section of the website for answers to your questions. Degree requirements are found in the handbook and in checklist form from Science Academic Services. 

All Biology students should also be enrolled in an eClass page called Biology Undergraduate Resources. There are several resources there to help you better understand your degree requirements, especially helpful are the advising videos for each program along with the FAQ videos and pages. If you cannot see “Biology Undergraduate Resources” when you log into please email to request access. Please ensure your full name and student number are in your email.  

When you’re choosing your courses, keep your program requirements in mind, and look ahead to future years in your program. A long-term view is helpful so that you can complete prerequisites in time to allow you to take your preferred upper-year courses. 

BIOL 1000 3.0, BIOL 1001 3.0, CHEM 1000 3.0, and CHEM 10013.0 are important prerequisites in most Biology programs. Failure to complete key prerequisite courses may result in delays in completing a degree program. 

After reviewing all of the information under the advising section, if you still have questions visit Science Academic Services (for general questions), email (For Biology-related questions) or make an appointment to speak with a biology advisor.