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Student life at York University is enriched through engagement with clubs. Clubs offer opportunities to interact informally with students and professors with similar interests. There are three clubs associated with the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Astronomy Club

Are you fascinated by the stars and the mysteries of the universe, own a telescope or wish to get one? Join the Astronomy Club! It unites students who have an interest in astronomy whether it is academic or recreational, and provides astronomical activities of interest.  The Astronomy Club is open to all members of the York community and offers a variety of fun and interactive ways for professional and amateur astronomy enthusiasts alike, to celebrate a common interest in the cosmos. Astronomy is a science that has helped to shape human culture over the ages and has influenced our imaginations throughout history, and can be enjoyed by everyone. We thoroughly encourage the distribution of astronomical resources and the education of astronomy to the general public.

Visit the Astronomy Club website for more information.

Biophysics Club

The Biophysics Club at York University aims to gather and unite students who are interested in the latest research done in the field of biophysics, and are passionate about the practical uses of biophysics in the medical field.

Visit the Biophysics Club website for more information.

Physics Society

The Physics Society at York University is a ratified student association whose main purpose is to create a social and inclusive space for any York faculty or student to openly discuss, explore, and experience the wonderful world of Physics.

Visit the Physics Society website for more information.

Diversity in Physics Student Association

DIPSA is a student association at York University whose goal is to critically discuss issues of oppression (such as sexism, racism, (dis)ability, class privilege, etc.) in Physics and Astronomy education. DIPSA also launches initiatives with the goal to directly improve student experiences in the department of Physics and Astronomy at York University.