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Speakers Bureau

Schools and other community organizations can schedule talks by our professors on a wide variety of scientific topics. See our list of talks below. To book a speaker, download the registration form and return by email to Talk to you soon!


“Crystals: Beauty & Function”

Professor Lana Hébert


Computer Science

Algorithms and Foundations: Research and Curriculum

Jeff Edmonds

Grades 11 to 12


Physics & Astronomy

An Overview of Photonics

William Van Wijngaarden

Grade 12 only

Willian Van Wijngaarden

Computer Science

Anatomy of a Web Search Engine

Parke Godfrey

Grades 11 to 12


Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Space Science & Engineering, Physics & Astronomy

Astrobiology: Can we detect life on a distant planet?

Professor Sarah Rugheimer

11 & 12

Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy

Astrobiology: The Story of Life on Earth

Professor Sarah Rugheimer

11 & 12