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Not citing properly can lead to a breach of plagiarism. Appropriately citing sources is one of the most important ways students uphold academic honesty in their work.

Need help with citations?

Students who manage their time well are less likely to become stressed and overwhelmed, and less likely to engage in a breach of academic honesty. Time management means organizing yourself and making the most of your time, which allows you to better meet your goals, become more confident, and learn more effectively.

Familiarize yourself with how to manage time in university.

York University Libraries' suite of online workshops features many offerings, including a workshop on Academic Integrity and Citation Practices: How You Can Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Citation.

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Poor note-taking can lead to documenting quotations and citations incorrectly, potentially leading to a breach. Instead, effective note-taking not only helps you avoid plagiarism, but also aids your learning.

Familiarize yourself with effective note taking strategies.

Taking tests and exams are an important part of being a university student. Not being properly prepared for these assessments can lead students to become stressed and make poor decisions.

Instead, learn about different types of tests and gain some effective strategies to prepare for tests and exams.

The Writing Centre can help you gain more confidence with academic writing, and can help clarify the academic standards for building on and reusing others’ work. Knowing these standards helps you comply with academic integrity expectations.

Visit the Writing Centre to learn more!

York University Libraries has a collection of online videos geared toward helping you develop your research skills, including finding and evaluating sources.

Academic peer support is about students helping students. There are many benefits to peer support, including being able to connect with other students and learn from those who have previously been in your position.

There are many different kinds of academic peer support available at the university, including: Peer Tutoring; Peer Mentoring; Peer Advising, and Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS).

Your college or faculty may have peer tutoring. Ask your prof, TA, or student association to find out how to get connected with peer tutors, or visit Learning Skills Services.

Here are some other student services at York where you can get support. 

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