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Student Engagement

The full university experience is not complete without a healthy balance of engagement in activities outside the classroom. The Student Engagement Team facilitates the introduction to a wide array of student run clubs and organizations.

You may also want to visit our service kiosk - previously situated in the centre of Vari Hall, but now virtual, online and staffed by our student peer team, ready to connect you with the essential campus resources and services you need.

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Got questions about student life at York? Our Student Engagement Team can help.

The Live Chat icon will appear in the bottom right corner of this page when our Student Engagement Peer team is available. Just click on it to chat.

HOURS OF OPERATION as of September 7, 2021:
Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm

This NEW online resource provides everything you need to know to master the art of working in groups at university, with helpful videos, information, tips, templates and resources.

Benefits of group work, include:

  • Bringing different strengths & approaches to work on ​a common goal benefits both the project and each ​individual’s learning.
  • Collaborative work at university teaches both  the content you are studying and how to work effectively in a team.

For a group to succeed, there must be:​

  • Clear shared goals and timelines​
  • Clear structure and understanding of roles

Group members must:​

  • Respect one another​
  • Communicate, cooperate, resolve conflicts​
  • Delegate​
  • Trust​
  • Work hard; pull their weight​
  • Meet group deadlines; be accountable

What is Student Engagement?

Find out more about our team of Student Engagement Ambassadors, our services and how to contact us.

Learn more about Student Engagement

Want to join, register or create an organization?

Are you a student or student organization leader? Explore the ins and outs of YU Connect - the hub for all Co-Curricular activity at York.

Get your organization ready

Need to access useful resources to support your organization?

From Funding and Marketing, to Elections and Virtual Events, resources are in place to ensure your organization's needs are met.

Explore our resources

Need to learn more about Club Policies & Guidelines?

At such a large institution we need a number of policies and procedures to keep everything running smoothly. Here you will find a list of policies and guidelines that are most relevant to student organizations.

View club policies & guidelines

Looking to develop skills & strategies to strengthen your organization?

Let us help you foster the success of your organization. Check out our click-through presentations on Mission, Vision & Goal Setting, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Social Media and Transitioning.

Develop skills & strategies now