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Skills & Strategies to Strengthen Your Organization

Linked below are online, click-through presentations that provide your clubs and student leaders with useful skills and strategies that aim to develop the success of your club. Each presentation has a different focus meant to strengthen your team and your leaders.

The presentations are non-sequential, and available online at any time. We want to make sure we are supporting your clubs and your leadership in the most effective ways possible.

Clubs 102 - Mission, Vision & Goal Setting

Let us help you refine your organization's mission statement and vision through effective goal setting.

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Clubs 103 - Team Building

Working as a team is important to your organization's success. Explore ways to ensure common group values and team building opportunities.

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Clubs 104 - Conflict Resolution

With teamwork may arise conflict. Know how to identify types of conflicts and turn conflict into a productive experience.

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Clubs 105 - Utilizing Social Media

Want to maximize the reach of your organization to the community? Learn how to create social media content, navigate online interaction, monitor analytics and leverage your online presence.

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Clubs 106 - Transitioning

An important aspect to building your organization's legacy is having a strong hand-off. Explore how to run a smooth election and ensure incoming leaders are given all of the information and tools they need moving forward.

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