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Our First Year Commitment

Our First Year Commitment

The Centre for Student Community & Leadership Development (SCLD) is committed to the successful transition of first year students into university life. While each new academic year brings new challenges, a student’s first year experience is comprised of many changes in all areas of student life. New academic, financial, social and lifestyle environments bring new choices for new students.

At SCLD, we offer programs and initiatives designed to support the first year student transition. Our commitment to first year students employs the framework of Dr. Alf Lizzio’s (2006) Five Senses Model. Our programs are flexibly designed around the following shared language and concepts:

• SENSE OF CONNECTION: Helping commencing students develop the relationships and connections that will support their success and enhance their satisfaction at university

• SENSE OF CAPABILITY: Helping commencing students develop the skills and attitudes needed to be successful learners

• SENSE OF PURPOSE: Helping commencing students be clear about and committed to their educational and career choices

 SENSE OF RESOURCEFULNESS: Helping commencing students develop the resources they will need to support their success at university

• SENSE OF ACADEMIC CULTURE: Helping commencing students understand the core scholarly values and ethical principles of the university (Lizzio, 2006)

SCLD programs and services not only support students, but propel them to become the successful student, leader and community member they want to be. It is our belief that when students are better prepared for the changes ahead, connected to and supported in their environment and aware of their own capabilities, the transition process is easier.

We are also committed to the parents and families of new students and offer support to them through our Parents & Family Program.

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