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Our Programs and Personnel

Partners in Student Success

The Centre for Student Community and Leadership Development (SCLD) is in place to assist students with their transition into university life and to ensure their continued growth and engagement throughout their time at the university. SCLD provides the tools and guidance to do this through our extensive offering of programs and workshops. From transition programming and wellness to leadership skills, community building, and involvement, SCLD is committed to fostering an environment in which students are empowered to be successful.


We advance the Division of Students mission through our commitment to student development, learning and success. We support and empower students as they transition to and through their university experience. We build leadership, a sense of community and York pride.



Teams & Programs

Student Leadership Team


SCLD is committed to providing students with guidance, workshops and opportunities to develop their leadership skills.  Through retreats, conferences, certificate programs and events, there has never been a better time for community involvement at York!

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Media and Communications Team

Media & Communications

For SCLD to achieve its student-focused goals it must communicate effectively and efficiently with students across all mediums. The Media & Communications Team serves to facilitate these communications across all print and digital platforms.

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SCLD’s commitment to students’ successful transition into university life is reflected in Orientation and Orientation Week events. Orientation activities provided by SCLD include:

Social Orientation

Parents and Family Orientation

Parents and Family Program

Parents & Family Program

Research proves that parent/family involvement is an important resource that improves a student’s productivity. At SCLD we believe that parents and family members play a key role in the success of our students.

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Student Engagement Team

Student Engagement

The full university experience is not complete without a healthy balance of engagement in activities outside the classroom. The Student Engagement Team facilitates the introduction to a wide array of student run clubs and organizations. They also maintain a service kiosk - previously situated in the centre of Vari Hall, but currently virtual - that supports students in their transition to university life by connecting them with essential resources and services.

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