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Academic Honesty

For support and services on academic integrity matters, please visit Academic Honesty Supports and Services.

Academic Honesty and Why It Is Important

York University's Senate Policy on Academic Honesty is an expression of the academic conduct appropriate to and expected of students studying and researching in Academe. These expectations, particularly with respect to plagiarism, are grounded in a principle and practice that forms the basis of the academic enterprise—namely, that the work one submits for evaluation is the product of one's own original ideas, and that any material that belongs to someone else, because they first produced and/or presented it, must be properly referenced and cited. If there is no way for a reader to tell which words and ideas are those of the author and which are those of others, then the work demonstrates plagiarism. It loses its integrity as a document of original scholarship and is academically dishonest.

What is the Process if there is a Suspected Breach of Academic Honesty?

The Faculty of Graduate Studies Academic Honesty Procedural Guidelines (.pdf) provides a detailed description of the investigation and hearing process. The FGS Procedural Guidelines are consistent with those specified in the Senate Policy on Academic Honesty. For ease of reference, the numbering used in the Procedural Guidelines is consistent with the numbering used in the Senate Policy.

Faculty of Graduate Studies Academic Integrity Module – Mandatory for Incoming Students

The Faculty of Graduate Studies Academic Integrity Module is designed to provide the graduate community with information and resources on the expectations of academic integrity at York University. Community members have an obligation to maintain the highest standards of academic honesty throughout their studies in accordance with the Senate Policy on Academic Honesty. Upon completion of this module, students will have a better understanding of what constitutes a scholastic offence, as well as their responsibilities in relation to a variety of academic principles.

All incoming graduate students are required to complete the Faculty of Graduate Studies Academic Integrity Module, with the exception of master’s students in the Schulich School of Business*. Progression beyond the first term of study is not possible until this requirement has been met.

Instructions for completion will be provided to incoming graduate students at the beginning of their first term of study.

*Master’s students in the Schulich School of Business shall follow the procedures governing Academic Honesty Modules established in the Schulich School of Business.


If you are a graduate student with questions regarding academic honesty, or are a Graduate Program Director or faculty member navigating a suspected breach of academic honesty, please contact the Graduate Academic Affairs Assistant at for support and guidance.