YSpace at York University Commemorates Alfred Anucha Award, Honours Four Remarkable Entrepreneurs

YSpace at York University Commemorates Alfred Anucha Award, Honours Four Remarkable Entrepreneurs

In a groundbreaking move to champion innovation and uplift Black entrepreneurs, the winners of the innovative Alfred Anucha Award in Entrepreneurship have been announced.

Image from event of winners/family/YSpace

YSpace, the thriving hub for entrepreneurship and innovation at York University, recently celebrated the inaugural recipients of the Alfred Anucha Award, a landmark initiative in collaboration with the Anucha Family and The Black Entrepreneurship Alliance, supporting Black entrepreneurs. The award that was announced in honour of Alfred Anucha, serves as a testament to YSpace's commitment to fostering creativity, innovation, and diversity within its entrepreneurial community.

Alfred Anucha, the founder of Stay Ulo and a former York student, left an indelible mark on those who knew him. In a recent ceremony unveiling the award, Adanna Anucha, Alfred’s sister, shared Alfred's guiding mantra, “‘Bet on yourself. Bet on the future,’” emphasizing its alignment with the Alfred Anucha Award's vision.

Meet the Trailblazing Winners:

Winner #1: Beko Foods Inc

Beko Foods Inc, a hot sauce company, aims to bring a unique flavor to the market with its Nigerian Canadian tomato and scotch bonnet product line. The founder, born prematurely, shared a poignant connection to Alfred Anucha's legacy and plans to use the award funds for upgrading their online presence and packaging.

Winner #2: Edventive

Scooli, a web app designed to assist teachers in automating administrative tasks, has made significant strides in the education technology space. The founder, who delved into coding to streamline administrative work, highlighted their achievements and the award's potential impact in reaching more teachers.

Winner #3: Yekola Inc

Yekola Inc, a language learning app focusing on African languages, stands out with its unique approach to language preservation within the African diaspora. The founders, Joelle and her partner, shared their personal journey and emphasized the importance of preserving African languages. The award will further develop their mobile app MVP.

Winner #4: La Fleur Digital

La Fleur Digital, Canada's leading hassle-free web design agency, empowers startups with custom, user-friendly websites. The founder, inspired by a project for his mother's company, envisions using the award funds for technology, professional development, marketing, and community outreach.

Collaboration for Positive Change

YSpace, expressed gratitude for the generous donation made by the Anucha Family that made the award possible. David Kwok, Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at YSpace, reflected on the collaboration, stating, "We are so excited to be working with the Anucha family to deliver this award and support young Black founders. This award will not only provide financial support but also an opportunity for us to drive positive change in the community. We look forward to continuing our joint efforts to create greater impact for the years to come." Olusegun Villasa, Black Entrepreneurship Alliance Manager, also emphasized the significance of the award, stating, "The award not only provides valuable resources but also serves as a catalyst for growth, enabling us to further strengthen the community's resources. As we continue our joint efforts, the Black Entrepreneurship Alliance sees this award as a pivotal moment, deepening our roots in the community and extending our dedication to fostering success and resilience among Black entrepreneurs for the long term."

As these four outstanding entrepreneurs embark on their journey with the support of the Alfred Anucha Award, YSpace remains committed to nurturing a diverse and impactful entrepreneurial ecosystem. The collaborative efforts with the Anucha family showcase the power of partnerships in driving positive change within the community and honoring the legacy of visionary entrepreneurs like Alfred Anucha.