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Effectiveness of E-mentoring Support

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  • “In 2 studies, personal choice generally enhanced motivation more for American independent selves than for Asian interdependent selves. ...In addition, Anglo American children showed less intrinsic motivation when choices were made for them by others than when they made their own choices, whether the others were authority figures or peers. In contrast, Asian American children proved most intrinsically motivated when choices were made for them by trusted authority figures or peers.” (p.349)

  • “It was seen that the e-mentoring program had positive influence on their professional development besides the formal education given to ...the participants. The e-mentoring program helped students, academicians and graduates share their knowledge and experience with each other and develop their social networks. The participants had the opportunity to view their career as a whole and received guidance regarding the career processes.” (p.76)

  • “The mentors reported that the e-mentoring experiences most commonly encouraged the students to provide professional presentations, ...engage in research activities and publish professionally. They also felt that the mentees were more willing to provide professional presentations, take on professional association roles or responsibilities and seek out other mentors” (p.314)

  • “Most participants claimed to have benefited emotionally and intellectually from using telecommunications networks for professional ... development and support.” (p.733)

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