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Factors of a Successful Team in a Capstone Course

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  • In a study by Lubbers, students evaluated the contributions of their group members using a two-part evaluation form. Significant predictors of ... individual dollar allocations include “offered ideas and suggestions”, “good, quality work”, “dependability”, “willing to cooperate”, and “fair share of the writing”. Significant predictors of group dollar allocations include “get along with group members”, “met deadlines”, “leadership ability,” and “offered ideas and suggestions”.

  • “Extraversion was negatively correlated to failing to do an equal share, and positively correlated to taking a leadership role, encouraging the group to ... be timely, and delivering promised work. Agreeableness was, unsurprisingly, negatively correlated to efforts to excessively dominate group discussions. Conscientiousness was positively correlated to being engaged, taking a leadership role, contributing useful ideas, encouraging group to be timely, delivering promised work, and clearly communicating.” (p.8-9)

  • “Teams that operated together closely developed stronger shared mental models towards their team’s tasks as a whole team. This enhanced their ... performance and efficiency across both platforms (discipline and integration)...Yet, as the project progressed the teams become more collaborative and problems decreased more quickly.” (p.22)

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