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Director & Research Fellow at the Planetary Health Annual Meeting

Director & Research Fellow at the Planetary Health Annual Meeting


Published on September 7, 2019

Director James Orbinski and Planetary Health Research Fellow Byomkesh Talukder presented at the Planetary Health Annual Meeting, September 4-6, 2019, at Stanford University, California. The conference’s overarching objective was to catalyze efforts towards resolving the great planetary health crises of our time.

Dr. Orbinski (pictured) presented Modelling the Health Impacts of Climate Change in Malawi for Treatment, Prevention, and Adaptation at a meeting which included representatives from the Wellcome Trust.

Dr. Talukder presented a poster titled Complex Adaptive Modelling of Climate Change Health Impacts in Malawi in which he proposed Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) as a framework to model the health impacts of climate change across five sub-systems: 1) ecological services, 2) extreme weather events, 3) infectious diseases, 4) food security, and 5) clinical public health and disaster risk management.

Both presentations were based on a paper co-written by Drs. Orbinski and Talukder as well as with collaborators from the University of California, Irvine, Disaster & Emergency Management at York University, Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) in Malawi, Dignitas International, and the University of Waterloo.



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James Orbinski, Director Active
Byomkesh Talukder, Research Fellow, Planetary Health Alum

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