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Donald Simpson

Donald Simpson

Senior Fellow, Global Health and Humanitarianism

Senior Fellow

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I have been driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore the world, both the physical world with its diverse activities and the world of ideas which are equally diverse. For 7 decades I have wandered the world seeking breakthrough ideas on transformational change and the people behind them, while experimenting with applications of innovation, accelerated experiential learning approaches, and creative design ideas, in an eclectic career which has moved from educator to entrepreneur, administrator, researcher, program designer, and mentor.

My passion is to help leaders to better understand the increasingly complex challenges presented by a highly competitive, fast-changing, global, knowledge-based economy and how to learn how to collaborate and innovate to be successful in that economy.

In 1992, I led a team to create  the “Innovation Expedition “ as a new style, virtual, global, values driven, business network for inspiring and implementing transformational change. The network has focused on mentoring leaders to unleash innovations in various sectors, with a particular interest in initiatives that included a goal of reducing social and economic injustices. With clients we co-created globally tested, knowledge products for driving improved performance, as part of a comprehensive program we conceptualized under the theme of “Modern-Day Renaissance Leadership“.

Research keywords:

Collaborative; creative; compassionate; innovators; practising systems thinking; experiential learning; driving transformational change


Global Health & Humanitarianism



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