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Gerson Scheidweiler

Gerson Scheidweiler

Postdoctoral Fellow, Equity Studies

Research Fellow

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Gerson Scheidweiler is a postdoctoral research fellow at York University and the founder of the National Observatory of Women in Politics in Brazil, institutionalized as a permanent body at the Brazilian National Congress, which investigates female political participation at the municipal, state, and federal levels. Gerson holds a PhD in communication from the University of Brasilia and specializes in communication and gender policies in Latin America. He also worked for 12 years as a parliamentary adviser in the Secretariat of Women at the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies. Since 2011, he has drafted and monitored gender and women's rights laws and advised women parliamentarians to improve their communication strategies. Dr. Scheidweiler also worked as a professor of communication sciences at the Catholic University of Brasilia from 2014 to 2019. Dr. Scheidweiler is a permanent resident of Canada and is fluent in Portuguese and English. In Canada, he has also worked with international organizations to raise awareness about HIV prevention and foster leadership among youth. He is a 2SLGBTQI+ activist and is passionate about human rights.


Global Health & Humanitarianism




Migrant Buses, Trochas, and the Darién Gap: The Venezuelan Refugee Crisis, with Yvonne Su and Gerson Scheidweiler

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