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Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

AI4PEP Network Manager, Global Health & Humanitarianism

Research Fellow

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Dr. Jean-Jacques Rousseau is a philosopher of science, an innovation policy expert, and a serial entrepreneur. He is passionate about innovation for impact.

Jean-Jacques is the network manager for AI for Pandemic and Epidemic Preparedness (AI4PEP), an initiative to work alongside countries in the Global South to develop equitable and responsible AI solutions to improve public health outcomes.

Recent Publications

Rousseau, Jean-Jacques., and Bill Kapralos. Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, and Image Processing. ICPR 2022 International Workshops and Challenges: Montreal, QC, Canada, August 21-25, 2022, Proceedings, 4 volumes. Cham: Springer, 2023​​.


Global Health & Humanitarianism




AI Math with Public Health Applications Workshop

How to Influence Public Policy ... What Happens When You Leave the Room? with Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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