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Nida Hashimi

Nida Hashimi

Research Assistant, Afghan Refugee Health-Related Canadian Resettlement

Research Team

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Nida Hashimi graduated recently from York University with a major in kinesiology and health science and a minor in psychology. She is currently working as a research assistant under Prof. Farah Ahmad's supervision to identify social support for Afghan refugees in their countries of settlement. She has also been appointed as the director of special projects for the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board Ontario. In this role, she aims to bring diversity, equity, and inclusion into action by creating a youth council with diverse backgrounds to target the mental health of Ismaili Muslim youth in Ontario. Nida served as a Chair of the York Ismaili Student Association for the past two years. She also worked as a mentor for the Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-time Students and directly supported students during their transition to the university. An advocate for women, Nida has led many formal and informal projects to empower women within the community, and she was appointed as regional coordinator for the Girls Mentoring Program in 2019. Nida is also a proponent of health and well-being; she served as a co-ed soccer captain for the York Ismaili Student Association and played co-ed intramural soccer.


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