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State and Trends in Adaptation Report 2020: Accelerating Action on Climate Adaptation

State and Trends in Adaptation Report 2020: Accelerating Action on Climate Adaptation


Published on January 25, 2021

Idil Boran, Founder and Principal Investigator of the Synergies of Planetary Health Research Initiative, and Megan Whitney, PhD student in Geography, have contributed to the State and Trends on Climate Adaptation 2020 Report. 

The State and Trends in Adaptation 2020 is a key document providing an accessible overview of the current state and progress on climate adaptation worldwide. The report gives guidance and key recommendations for best practices   is an indispensable resource for research and practice on adaptation to climate impacts. The report highlights the importance of nature-based solutions – a vast range of actions that enhance and work with nature – to build sustainable, resilient, and equitable communities around the world, and showcases transformative nature-based climate initiatives taking place in Canada. 

Idil Boran's and Megan Whitney's contribution to the Report is through their partnership with The Climate Cooperatives Initiatives Database (C-CID). The database gathers aggregate data on initiatives by non-state and subnational actors that address aspects of climate change, including mitigation and adaptation. Data from the C-CID is used to assess the performance of initiatives by applying a distinct methodology tracking whether an initiative is producing outputs that are aligned with its functions. The C-CID is gaining growing recognition as a tool to track the role of non-state and subnational actors toward effective and equitable progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals. 

The State and Trends on Climate Adaptation Report was published in conjunction with the Climate Adaptation Summit which is being held worldwide on a virtual platform through January 25-26, 2021. Hosted by the Netherlands and organized by the Global Center on Adaptation, the summit will also launch the Adaptation Action Agenda and the publication of the Climate Adaptation State and Trends Report.  


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