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Update – Announcing the Planetary Health Advocacy "Living" Tool

Update – Announcing the Planetary Health Advocacy "Living" Tool


Published on November 29, 2023

As part of Carol Devine's work as Community Scholar at the Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research, she worked with Dahdaleh Research Assistant Yasmin Al-Sahili on a Planetary Health Advocacy literature review and created this Planetary Health Advocacy "Living" Tool. This project was funded by the 2020 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) 2020 Connections Grant    

More than 60 colleagues from over 20 countries and from multiple diverse professional and lived experience backgrounds provided input, including Indigenous leaders, students, academics, humanitarian practitioners, doctors, nurses, researchers, climate change, health, and planetary health actors, and more. They drew inspiration and ideas from past and present wisdom, climate change and planetary health research, action, actors, and advocacy etc. Devine and Al-Sahili are keen for many others to see the tool, and to receive wide feedback, examples of use, recommendations, and comments.

In short, this living tool for Planetary Health advocacy aims to foster dialogue, and support action to help safeguard human and other species, ecosystem health and well-being, and advocacy for climate action, systemic change, and justice.

The team recognizes that advocacy is dynamic, fast-moving and context-specific, and thus the tool is 'living', incomplete and cannot and does not represent all topics, actors, and actions necessary. It is "a starting point" for Planetary Health Advocacy, as Dr. James Orbinski recommended including in the subtitle, and as Dr. Courtney Howard suggests, "This tool can be a 'zoom out constellation of actions, actions, concerns, and solutions to 'zoom in' to Planetary Health Advocacy."

Read more about the Planetary Health Advocacy "Living" Tool below.

Connect with Carol Devine on Twitter and Linkedin.


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Carol Devine, Community Scholar, Health, Environment & Climate Change Active
Yasmin Al-Sahili, Global Health Intern [FW21-22] Alum

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