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AudioSense is an audiology clinic in Toronto that takes a comprehensive approach to assessing and treating hearing and balance impairments in children and adults.

We provide customized evidence-based care and put our patients' needs first. Like traditional audiology clinics, we test for hearing loss and dispense hearing devices, but we go several steps further by providing unique services for implantable devices, as well as therapy for auditory processing and post-concussion auditory issues.


Care/Of is a modern HR consultancy that provides corporate organizations with full-service learning workshops and team experiences that help remote teams stay connected, collaborate effectively, and perform better.

Our mission is to motivate remote teams & build company culture through exceptional arts and culture-based programming designed utilizing organizational psychology principles. Our programs are led by artists, chefs and community builders who are experts in their fields.

Classic Juice Co.

Classic Juice Co. is a wellness brand distributing healthy food and beverage products through a physical storefront, catering and third - party distribution channels.

We offer high quality, innovative health products that are affordable, with a wide spectrum of options, that suit the needs of widely diverse cultural audience in a warm, welcoming, friendly, inclusive, environment.

Creative Genius Academy

Creative Genius Academy is a school designed to help individuals realize their creative and academic potential.

The academy brings art and academics to everyone, regardless of background or experience and teaches students to break out of their comfort zone, explore new mediums and have a great experience learning!

Loti Wellness Inc.

Loti Wellness nurtures the discovery of genuine self-care and self-love through a monthly subscription box that delivers natural wellness products and therapeutic activities to guide members on a journey of mind, body and soul.

Our mission is to provide the tools you need to take a pause, self-reflect and reset each month. Since 2019, we've shared this mission with subscribers who are discovering the power of caring for their mind and body. After all, there is no health without mental health.


At luxe.zen we create fine handcrafted gemstone jewellery for the modern spirit. Our designs are handcrafted with fine quality natural raw and polished gemstones and precious metals.

We aim to do better by ethically sourcing our gemstones and precious metals. Further, we believe the future lies in developing and uplifting small-scale miners and cutters we work with globally. We donate 1% of gross revenues toward projects designed to support our supply chain work efficiently, safely, and fairly.

Nola Baking Co. Ltd.

We are health food company focused on creating products made from 100% real food. We are changing the way people think about fueling their bodies by educating consumers about the power of natural, minimally processed foods.

We are providing families with options that simplify healthy eating, to help our customers achieve their potential and live life to the fullest.

Optinum Professional Corp.

Optinum Professional Corp. is a CPA firm that provides social enterprises (SE), for-profit and non-profit, support for accounting, finance and social impact.

We offer a variety of services to cater to diverse customer needs: ongoing monthly retainers, project-based consultations, and ad hoc coaching. We also facilitate workshops for entrepreneurship incubators. Our services enable SE leaders to confidently plan, monitor performance and make business decisions to support their success and impact.

Shy Wolf Candles

Shy Wolf Candles creates soy candles inspired by tarot, stardust and rock n roll. We believe the small pause that lighting your candle brings is worth honouring; how a small action brings forth a steady, warm light.

With fragrance blends as diverse as the folks who burn them, our candles were made for both quiet, sacred moments alone and cozy gatherings with the ones you love most.

Sisu Legal

Sisu Legal is an international immigration law firm with offices in Windsor Ontario and Troy, Michigan. A large portion of the firm's practice is dedicated to helping Canadians and Americans reunite with loved ones from overseas.

The firm also assists foreign families looking to immigrate to Canada or United States via economic programs or for humanitarian and compassionate reasons. Services are provided in fixed-fee packages and offered in multiple languages.

SP Nutraceuticals Inc.

SP Nutraceuticals Inc. develops first-to-market natural products that target specific diseases. We take discovery of naturally derived bioactives through preclinical and human clinical trials, regulatory approvals and commercialization.

We have launched our first branded line of products, Metavo, based on an avocado derived bioactive that targets metabolism and blood sugar management.

Total Quartz - Can Auto Care

Total Quartz - Can Auto Care is an automotive maintenance, repair and tire service business that has been in operation since March 2018. Total Quartz - Can Auto Care provide its customers with quality oil, mechanical services, and incomparable customer service.

Total Quartz - Can Auto Care’s mission is to provide customers with an unrivalled service experience by developing long-term relationships based on trust, professional advice, integrity, and technical competence.

Unboxed Market

Unboxed Market is Toronto's one-stop zero-waste grocery store, focused on eliminating single use-plastics and excess packaging from producer to consumer wherever possible.

We have products for all of your grocery needs, from fresh produce, meats and cheeses to dry goods and frozen products. We also offer cleaning products, eco-friendly household items, and more. We use items from our store to create meals in our on-site industrial kitchen, and we also have a grab-and-go cafe.

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