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Globally Networked Learning

Globally networked learning (GNL) refers to an approach to research, learning, and teaching that enables students, faculty, and non-academic researchers from different locations around the world using digital technology to collaborate on projects that bring together the diverse perspectives of participants to produce a richer, more nuanced, understanding of the issue(s) at hand. A GNL project might entail or produce cross-cultural discussion on a particular course concept, a joint lecture over multiple time zones, a shared assignment, or a collaborative research project, among other possibilities.

Faculty can develop their own GNL activities using existing contacts and networks, or they can reach out to York International’s program and GNL consultants for matching with one of 300+ global partners.  Resources and support are also provided through the Teaching Commons.

Expanding Perspectives: The Power of Globally Networked Learning 

Dr. Cheryl van Daalen-Smith, RN, PhD 
Associate Professor, School of Nursing 

Connecting doctoral students from York University with counterparts at the School of Nursing at Oxford Brookes University in England, professor Cheryl van Daalen-Smith embedded Globally Networked Learning (GNL) within her doctoral level Social Justice Nursing elective.

According to Dr. Van Daalen-Smith, “through shared readings and participation in cross-classroom meetings, students actively engaged in lively course-related discussions, delving into the varied roles nurses assume across different countries and the diverse advocacy efforts concerning issues of social justice and health equity”. GNL broadens students' comprehension of course content, enabling them to explore broader applications of the given content that extends beyond the confines of Canadian perspectives. “When speaking with other professors, I often emphasize that integrating a GNL component into their course doesn't need to be extensive. Even a small inclusion can offer students a valuable global perspective that widens their learning horizons. Many students in this course expressed a desire for more GNL time within the course due to the substantial impact it had on their understanding of course concepts”. 

Globally Networked Learning - an approach to research, learning, and teaching that virtually connects learners from around the world.

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