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Out-of-Boundary Student Practicum Placements Within Canada

Practicum Sub-Committee of Curriculum Committee

Policy: Out-of-Boundary Student Practicum Placements Within Canada

Statement: The opportunity for students to complete the BScN program requirements in communities beyond the School’s catchment area is a privilege. An out-of-boundary practicum placement is one in which a student is placed in an agency which is located beyond the usual boundary area (see definition below) used by the School of Nursing, for the purpose of meeting the clinical requirements for a designated course. Such placements are only arranged at the request of the student and in consideration of the students’ academic and clinical performance record. This policy applies to NURS 4527 Integrated Nursing Science Practicum (IP), and NURS 4150 Advanced Nursing Science Practicum placements only.

Created: October 1, 2003
Revised: Feb 21, 2007; Feb 28, 2007; Mar 22, 2007, March 23, 2011, Nov 2018
Approved by Practicum Committee: Feb 28, 2007
Approved by Curriculum Committee: Mar 5, 2007
Approved: SoN Council, June 25, 2008, Nov 2019


  1. An out-of-boundary (OOB) placement for York University School of Nursing (Keele Campus) is defined as a placement located beyond the usual placement borders which currently include:
    • Southernmost: City of Toronto (North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke)
    • Easternmost: Durham Region
    • Northernmost: Simcoe Region
    • Westernmost: Peel and Halton Regions, and Orangeville Headwaters (only)
  2. Students are not placed in an OOB placement unless they have specifically requested such a placement; however, this does not guarantee the requested placement.
  3. Academic and clinical performance records, up to and including: the fourth term for a 2nd Entry student; the sixth term for a Collaborative student; and, the third term for an Internationally Educated Nursing (IEN) student, will be considered to verify a student’s aptitude for completing an OOB placement. The academic criteria include:
    • B+ average in all NURS courses;
    • B+ in each practicum course;
    • no progression plans documented in clinical performance record; and
    • no previous failures in a clinical course.
  4. Agencies in OOB areas may request student resumés or require interviews; meeting these requirements in advance of the placement are the full responsibility of the student.
  5. The student is responsible for meeting all requirements of the placement agency and any regulatory and legal requirements (e.g., work permits, Clinical Preparedness Permit, etc.) and financial obligations arising from the OOB placement (e.g., accommodation, all travel, long-distance phone costs, and all costs for accessing relevant, approved testing centres for required, proctored exams during the final term).
  6. Students are responsible for meeting all academic requirements for concurrent courses (e.g., NURS 4528) and must consult with Course Directors in advance of the term in order to confirm the appropriate arrangements (refer to #5).
  7. The Clinical Course Director (CCD) will regularly communicate with the student using email, the course learning management system, and other methods. Telephone or video conferences will be arranged following the course’s regular process, between the CCD, the student, and preceptor, for an introductory meeting, at midterm and final performance evaluation meetings.
  8. If issues arise during the OOB placement experience that cannot be resolved, whether they are related to student academic or clinical performance (see Involuntary Withdrawal Policy) or agency/site complexities, the OOB placement may be terminated. This may involve repeating the course.


  1. Students interested in completing NURS 4527 Integrated Nursing Science Practicum (IP), NURS 4150 Advanced Nursing Science Practicum placements in an OOB area must specifically request this type of placement in the online (IP) placement preference survey conducted by the School in advance of these courses:
    • the OOB request must be identified as a ‘first choice’ in the preference survey;
    • an alternate in-bounds preference must be included as a ‘second choice’; and
    • up to three (3) suggested agency names from the requested OOB area, as  well as general contact information, must be included in the appropriate, designated section of the online preference survey.
  2. Apart from providing the contact information for the agency, students are not to further negotiate placements on their own. The Nursing Practicum Coordination Office (NPCO) will communicate with prospective contact sites to confirm the agency’s availability to York BScN students, and to arrange the placement details as needed.
  3. Students will be notified by the NPCO if the OOB agencies suggested for the OOB area are unable to place the student.
  4. All placements will be confirmed at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the term.
  5. Eligibility for consideration of an OOB placement will be jeopardized if the process is not followed as outlined.
  6. Students should consult with the Undergraduate Program Director/Coordinator if any clarification is required about the criteria for an OOB placement, if there are exceptional circumstances surrounding a request, or if there is a question as to whether a student qualifies for this type of placement.