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Clinical Preparedness Permit (CPP) Timelines

Welcome to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) program!

To get ready for your clinical placement, it is essential that you activate your Passport York account and that you have acquired your YU student ID card.

Getting Ready for Your Next Steps

As a BScN student, here are some links that will help plan your academic year:

Clinical Placement Timelines

  1. Create your York Passport account and York U e-mail.
  2. Complete your Clinical Preparedness Permit (CPP) by the deadline.
    • Winter placement: November 15
    • Summer placement: March 15
    • Fall placement: July 15
      Failure to complete your CPP by the deadline above will jeopardize your placement.
  3. Log on to HSPnet to view your placement details.
    • Winter placement: Anytime on or after December 15
    • Summer placement: Anytime on or after April 15
    • Fall placement: Anytime on or after August 15
  4. Obtain a PASS from Synergy for your CPP

Feel free to call the NPCO at 416.736.2100 x33174 or email with any questions.

We look forward to helping you have a great year at York!