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Registration Requirements for CNO

The undergraduate nursing programs at York University are approved by the College of Nurses of Ontario and are designed to lead to eligibility for professional registration as a Registered Nurse.

To practice nursing in Canada, all graduates of an approved nursing program must complete and pass a registration exam approved by the College’s Council and meet College requirements to become a “Registered Nurse”. The designation of the title Registered Nurse (RN) is regulated in Ontario by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO). For more details please visit the CNO website Become a Nurse.

The College of Nurses of Ontario publishes the Entry Level Competencies that are required to enter the profession in Ontario. To achieve these competencies a student needs to possess certain essential skills and abilities. These include cognitive, communicative, communication, interpersonal, behavioural, psycho-motor, sensory and environmental capacities, all of which are essential for professional practice. They can be found on the College of Nurses website under Fact Sheet: Requisite Skills and Abilities for nursing practice in Ontario [PDF].