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Living Well Together

map of keele campus
Potential plans for revision of Keele Campus, where university and city, academia and industry, people and culture meet and thrive.

Keele Campus Vision and Strategy

A 21st century university campus has an important role to play as an anchor institution – as a hub, as a resource for surrounding communities, and as a place to learn and grow.

Living Well Together: York University’s Campus Vision and Strategy, developed by York’s Development Corporation, under the leadership of President Rhonda Lenton, underscores the immense value that can be achieved when the University is well-integrated, creating a vibrant, safe, and highly functional community-centred campus that benefits students, faculty, staff, our neighbours, and our many partners.

York is a leading international teaching and research university and a driving force for positive change.  A modern multi-campus university, we are a community of changemakers. We are re-imagining more than 190 acres of land on the University’s Keele Campus in North Toronto – embracing an opportunity to right the future unlike any other.

Living Well Together proposes development that will include partnerships and leases that stay true to the University’s values and academic mission; the University will retain ownership of lands, partnering in the development of structures and amenities that benefit our students, community members and neighbours, and will consider land disposition only to achieve significant strategic benefit. Centered on the University Academic Plan, a reimagined Keele Campus will embed the principles of social and environmental responsibility to maximize the economic benefits of such a large-scale project.

The Vision begins with the reinvigoration of the Harry W. Arthurs Common, the location of York University station on the new Yonge-University Subway line, as well as four neighbourhoods within the Keele Campus including: a commercial centre; a high-tech district; a primarily residential district; and a second residential, commercial, and athletic neighbourhood around the Pioneer Village subway station. Each neighbourhood will support York’s ongoing commitment to Indigenous reconciliation in different ways, from acknowledging or incorporating traditional land practices, to offering meaningful spaces for Indigenous peoples, and for art and cultural expression.

Living Well Together is foundational to future consultation and engagement conversations within our community, with our neighbours and future neighbours, and with other important partners and stakeholders.

Future vision

The Common is the heart of Keele Campus, a place where the community gathers for ceremony or celebration, for play and for rest.
The vision will retain land ownership, through partnerships, leasing and other transaction models.
map of keele campus
Keele Campus will transform into a vibrant, walkable, livable, sustainable, and complete community.