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Osgoode Professor Dayna Scott on Sarnia's need for local study on pollution

Osgoode Professor Dayna Scott on Sarnia's need for local study on pollution

A forum held last week in our community has further raised the profile of pollution and its impact on our health, and underscores the need for a local study on the issue to commence immediately, wrote The Sarnia Observer Feb. 16 in an editorial:

The devastating effects of pollution were discussed at the Community Forum on Pollution and Action co-organized by Aamjiwnaang First Nation and York University. Dayna Scott, an environmental law professor at York[’s Osgoode Hall Law School], told the forum that local residents don't have to accept pollution and its serious health consequences as a fact of life. It's a familiar refrain for many frustrated local residents.

Scott told those in attendance that she is working closely with Aamjiwnaang to investigate the links between pollution and the health impact on residents. The province's pollution laws were discussed in detail at the forum and Scott says the law is broken.

The forum also heard from health researchers Jim Brophy and Margaret Keith who said tonnes of carcinogens are pumped into the air annually by Chemical Valley companies. Keith went so far as to say "industry is polluting and government is turning a blind eye."

It should be noted that Chemical Valley companies have come a long way in recent years to reduce emissions. But there is still an air quality problem in our community.

Residents here deserve to know what impact pollution is having on their health.

The complete article is available on The Observer's website.

Posted by Elizabeth Monier-Williams, research communications officer, with files courtesy of YFile – York University’s daily e-bulletin.