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York Central Hospital's partnership with York University will improve patient care

York Central Hospital's partnership with York University will improve patient care

"Knowledge translation", says Dr. Indy Ghosh, will be one of the greatest benefits of a partnership between York Central Hospital and York University to foster research and access to research at the hospital, wrote March 1:

It will not only ensure patients receive leading-edge care but help build a reputation for excellence at the hospital, the [York Central] chief of emergency medicine says. And that's why he is participating in the initiative.

Knowledge translation, Ghosh explains, makes that important link between research and its application in health care. "We know there is good evidence-based, science-based research that has not been translated into clinical practice," he says. "A gap exists."

To narrow that gap, York Central Hospital made a decision to forge a collaborative effort with York University about two years ago. Researchers with a specialty in two of YCH's areas of focus, seniors' health and chronic disease management, now have offices at the hospital.

For example, Dr. William Gage, whose research focuses on seniors' health, has connected York Central staff with a York University researcher examining changes in motor performance among patients with mild cognitive impairment.

Researcher Sherry Grace [School of Kinesiology & Health Science, Faculty of Health] worked with Tiziana Rivera, chief practice officer at York Central and others on publishing a review of studies on women and cardiac rehabilitation, program adherence and preference for alternative models of care. YCH staff can use the information when setting rehabilitation programs for their female cardiac patients.

Republished courtesy of YFile – York University’s daily e-bulletin