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Online experience brings the night sky to the home computer

Online experience brings the night sky to the home computer

Have you ever wondered what the cratered surface of the moon looks like close up? Do you dream of seeing the rings of Saturn or the Great Red Spot on Jupiter? The York University Observatory offers a real-time link to its telescopes every Monday evening that offers everyone a glimpse of what is new and exciting in the night sky.

From traditional deep sky wonders (galaxies) to local highlights (the moon and planets of the solar system) to new vistas (comets and supernovae), this innovative online experience means that you can sit back at home and join the observatory team as they explore the heavens.

An online forum is also available if you are interested in chatting with the observing team. You can also ask questions and even send in requests for objects to observe. There is no charge to join this Web opportunity and anyone with an interest in astronomy or space science will enjoy the experience.

The service will be online Monday evenings for two to three hours after twilight. For more information on exact times when the service is available, visit the York University Observatory Web site.

The observatory coordinator, Professor Paul Delaney from the Department of Physics & Astronomy in York’s Faculty of Science & Engineering, is the project leader. Undergraduate students who are part of the observatory team operate the telescopes.

Republished courtesy of YFile– York University’s daily e-bulletin.