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York-led research study explores food addiction

York-led research study explores food addiction

Overweight people may be just as addicted to fat and sugar as drug users and alcoholics are to heroin and drink, new research suggests, wrote Britain’s The Daily Telegraph July 14.

"Food addicts" are also more likely to have impulsive personality traits, attention deficit disorder and to use food to "self-soothe" in times of stress, according to the study.

Contributing author Professor Caroline Davis, of York University in Toronto [School of Kinesiology & Health Science, Faculty of Health], said: "These results strongly reinforce the view that food addiction is an identifiable condition with clinical symptoms, and is characterized by a psycho-behavioural profile that is similar to conventional drug abuse disorders."

Davis added: "This type of information will help us develop personalized treatment approaches for those who struggle with overeating and escalating weight gain."

Posted by Arielle Zomer, research communications officer, with files courtesy of YFile– York University’s daily e-bulletin.