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Two Glendon professors receive Principal's Research Awards

Two Glendon professors receive Principal's Research Awards

Two Glendon professors, both accomplished and established scholars in their respective fields, have been awarded the Principal’s Research Award. Psychology Professor Anne Russon and history Professor Bettina Bradbury received the awards in recognition of their outstanding research accomplishments over the past year. The awards were presented in a recent ceremony to the researchers by Glendon Principal Kenneth McRobert. 

Left: Anne Russon

A leading primatologist, Russon works on the psychological abilities of great apes. She is one of the few researchers who study non-human cognition in the field and she discovered that orangutans are capable of imitation. Russon has disseminated her findings through numerous co-authored papers, book chapters and lectures. Her work has received major research grants from the Indianapolis Zoo, the Leakey Foundation and the Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council of Canada. Her findings have been widely covered in scientific and popular media. She has also served as scientific adviser for several foundations, national parks and documentaries.

Right: Bettina Bradbury

A nationally recognized scholar, Bradbury is a leading feminist historian of family. She has recently published Wife to Widow: Lives, Laws and Politic in Nineteenth Century Montreal. This book uses an impressive quantitative methodology and analyzes a wide range of sources to show how Montreal couples opted for diverse forms of “companionate patriarchy” within their marriages, depending on their social class and cultural heritage.  Bradbury's work is the culmination of years of federally-funded research. Her peers have described her work as “groundbreaking” and as “a fine example of how to get at and illuminate the lives and experiences of ordinary folk.”

The awards ceremony was organized by Glendon Research Services and took place on Nov. 30.

Republished courtesy of YFile– York University’s daily e-bulletin.