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New online tool created to help York researchers promote their discoveries

New online tool created to help York researchers promote their discoveries

Do you have an upcoming research story or unique discovery that you want to share with the York community or external media?

Now you can send it to the Research Forecast, a new online tool designed to assist researchers with submitting their ideas for stories about upcoming discoveries, publications or events to communications staff in the Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation (VPRI) and the Division of Communications & Public Affairs (C&PA).

The purpose of the Research Forecast is to ensure that communications staff in VPRI and C&PA are aware of important research underway so that they can first determine its newsworthiness and target audience, and then proactively promote it through C&PA Media Relations to external media, and through YFile to the York University community.

York Researchers should consider submitting upcoming news to the Research Forecast if they have advance information about a significant discovery, publication, exhibit, event or other research product that will be made public in the coming weeks or months. Researchers, if they have knowledge of a research project that will be of interest to the wider public, even though it may still be in progress with no findings or products available yet, should also submit the information to the Research Forecast.

Researchers are asked to submit their story ideas and/or notice of upcoming events and publications as far in advance as possible to facilitate the appropriate development time needed for stories when media opportunities are identified. VPRI and C&PA staff will work with researchers to respect publication embargoes.

Click here to access the Research Forecast form to submit your story for consideration, or visit the Research website and click on the Suggest a Story link.

Republished courtesy of YFile– York University’s daily e-bulletin to research stories on the research website.