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New Research Ethics Protocol Form

New Research Ethics Protocol Form

Office of Research Ethics announces new Research Ethics protocol form

 In an effort to streamline and harmonize the Research Ethics review processes and protocols and enhance compliance with current guidelines, the Office of Research Ethics (ORE) has updated a number of research ethics related documents.

We are pleased to inform you that the updated HPRC Protocol form for Research Involving Human Participants is now available on our website.

Researchers are reminded that as of January 2017, ONLY online submissions of the HPRC protocol form  will be accepted. In other words, paper copies of the HPRC protocol form will no longer be accepted. (Exceptions will be made, however, for those researchers that require it)

What’s new?

In addition to the updated HPRC protocol, a number of other documents have been updated or newly created to provide researchers with the resources they need to complete the ethics review process.

New/updated documents include:

  • HPRC Protocol Form
  • HPRC Informed Consent Form Template
  • HPRC Adverse Events Reporting Form
  • HPRC Amendment Request Form
  • HPRC Procedures to ensure ongoing compliance
  • HPRC Renewal Request Form
  • Participant consent for use of images
  • Pre-release of research funds application form
  • Research Team Member confidentiality agreement
  • Checklist for Researchers - Aboriginal Related Research
  • Debriefing Consent Form

New/Updated guidelines:

  • Research involving Investigator's Students
  • Secondary Data Analysis

Need help?

The Office of Research Ethics offers a number of training and outreach activities to assist researchers in completing their ethics protocols:

  • ‘Brown bag’ presentations: Starting January 18, the Office of Research ethics will host monthly Ethics presentations for the research community.
  • One-on-one meetings: Appointments can be made at any time with ORE staff for advice and consultation on protocol submissions.
  • Training of delegated review committees: For delegated review committees conducting reviews of course-related research, contact ORE to book a training session.
  • Ethics 101: This is a presentation on ethics policy and procedures, which is available to any undergraduate or graduate class, faculty council, or any other group that requires it.

For further information, please contact Alison Collins-Mrakas at: