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For events that involve physical activity, York University requires that waivers/informed consents be administered by the event host. Each document is specifically tailored to fit the nature of the activity.

  • waiver is a document, which when voluntarily signed waived certain rights or privileges of the participant, including the right to sue
  • An informed consent is an agreement whereby a parent/guardian assumes the risks associated with an activity or event, and gives consent for a minor (under 18) to participate

Examples or activities requiring waivers:

  • Activities requiring physical activity - ski trips, intramurals, yoga, etc.
  • Activities involving contracted transportation - Bus companies
  • Off-campus events involving alcohol
  • Off-campus field trips - Overnight

All participants must fill out an return all forms for the organizing body before the event of activity occurs. Those who fail to fill out and return any required forms will not be allowed to participate. If a participant does not wish to sign a waiver or alters a waiver in any way, they are not to participate in the event

Waivers/informed consents cannot be filled out and signed on the day that the activity is taking place. They must be filled out, signed, and returned prior to that day. This ensures that the participants, or their parents/guardians, have sufficient time to consider the risks associated with the activity.

Distributing and Collecting Waivers/Informed Consents

  • Ensure that the forms indicate the activity, risks associated with the activity, and the group organizing the activity
  • Give participants advanced notice of the requirement to sign the waiver/informed consent, and send to the participants at least one week prior to the event date
  • Keep the completed forms on file for a minimum of 2 years or 2 years from the participant's 18th birthday

If distributing paper forms, please ensure that all waivers/informed consents are printed double-sided.

Need a waiver or other release for your event?

Please contact Risk Management Services as if you think you need a waiver for your event. Please include any details, such as:

  • Name of organizer responsible (ex. student group, administration, academic unit)
  • Dates of the event(s)
  • Description of the event(s)
  • Description of the activities
  • Venue(s) where the event will be held
  • Any specific risks associated with the activity