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Certificates of Insurance

A Certificate of Insurance is a document that shows an organization, company, or individual has adequate insurance coverage. Certificates can be:

  1. Issued by York University to provide proof of insurance to an external party or;
  2. Issued to York University from an external party (a vendor, contractor, organization, etc.) doing business on University Property.

For more information on Certificates of Insurance, please see the SOP on the Administration of Certificates of Insurance/University Insurance Requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty, staff, or students working or studying off-campus may be asked to produce a Certificate of Insurance. Unless otherwise specified or requested, a Certificate of Insurance for commercial general liability coverage will be issued in the amount of $2,000,000.

To request a Certificate of Insurance, complete a Certificate of Insurance Request (PDF or MachForm), and attach all supporting documentation (contracts, rental agreements, etc.).

NOTE: that it may take several days to process a request for a Certificate of Insurance. Please send Risk Management Services all the required information two weeks before the Certificate of Insurance is required.

If you are planning on conducting an event or business on York University property, a Certificate of Insurance is required.

All certificates issued to York University must:

  • Name “York University, its governors, trustees, officers, and employees” as Certificate Holder and Additional Insured;
  • Provide 30 days notice to the University of any modification, change, or cancellation of any insurance coverage.

The recommended minimum limits of insurance are:

  • Commercial General Liability: $2Million
  • Automobile (Owned or Non-Owned): $2Million

Please have your insurance broker or insurance company issue a Certificate of Insurance with the above requirements, and submit the completed Certificate to the University.

For your convenience, York University has a Certificate of Insurance template that your insurance provider can fill out.