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We aim to promote safe travel for University sanctioned activities and manage the potential risks associated with it. For more information on travel guidelines please visit:

Government of Canada

The Canadian government also offers a Registration of Canadians Abroad service which provides updates regarding emergencies, civil unrest, and natural disasters to Canadian travelers.

York International

Please also contact York International/Safety Abroad if you plan on international travel. If you have not already been in contact with them, Risk Management will connect you.

Travel Coverage

Before travelling outside of Ontario or Canada on a York related activity, it is suggested that you review your out of province medical coverage.

Note: credit card programs, and personal benefit plans may offer coverage.

Questions to help with travel coverage

  • Does the coverage provide out of province medial expense coverage? Is there a maximum or limit that the coverage will provide?
  • If there coverage for repatriation for medical or safety reasons?
  • Is coverage still available for regions that the Canadian Government has advised to "avoid non-essential travel (level 3)" or "avoid all travel (level 4)"?
    • Additional coverage for some groups can be arranged through Risk Management Services at an additional premium. Please email for inquiries about additional coverage.
  • What are the reporting requirements to obtain coverage?
    • When must you report?
    • Who must you contact?
    • What do you need to provide?
  • What do I need to have with me to initiate coverage?
  • What do my travel companions need?