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Drones and UAVs

All non-recreational piloting of UAVs, drones, or any other flying object is governed by Transport Canada legislation and University Risk Management Requirements - including the piloting of drones for York University research.

Please read Transport Canada requirements for flying drones (including Canadian Aviation Regulations pertaining to Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) and the York University Standard Operating Procedures for the use of UAVs for York Research Purposes (PDF) for the full list of regulations and requirements set forth by both the Canadian Government and York University respectively.

The pilot of the UAV is responsible for being in compliance with all regulations set forth by both Transport Canada and Risk Management. Please check if a Special Fight Operations Certificate (SFOC) is required for any planned flight.

Complete and submit a Registration/Insurance Application for UAVs  (PDF) to Risk Management Services ( Risk Management will provide an insurance certificate for all approved UAV flights.

If flying on/over non-York properties, please obtain written permission (PDF) from the property owners. Also ensure that permission has been granted to use controlled airspace from either NavCanada or from the controlling airport.

If needed, use the National Research Council’s drone site selection tool to determine the airspace of the planned flight location.