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Incident Reporting

If you are looking to make a claim for an injury or property damage that you believe York University is responsible for, click here.

Risk Management is responsible for managing the insurance program for York University. This responsibility also includes managing all losses and claims that may impact the University. Risk Management will notify York's insurance carriers in the event of a loss or claim.

In the event of any loss (personal injury, property damage, automobile, etc.) the department involved must:

  • File a report with the appropriate level of authority (direct supervisor, York Security Services, local police, etc.);
  • Contact Risk Management;
  • Make no admissions, settlements or offers, or sign any statements except as required by a police officer.

If you have any concerns about potential hazards on York University property, please use the Online Hazard Reporting Form or email

For more information on reporting emergencies and urgent situations, please see Community Safety's guide on reporting.

For more information on incident reporting, please see the Standard Operating Procedure (PDF).


An internal deductible will be charged to departments. The deductible amount varies based on the type of claim. Please be advised that unreasonable delays in reporting losses can result in increased costs.

If an automobile accident occurs on-campus:

  • Contact York Security Services so that an accident report can be filed (York Security will contact emergency services if necessary)
  • Notify Risk Management of the accident (

If an automobile accident occurs off-campus:

  • Stop immediately and investigate
  • If anyone is injured, give first aid or contact emergency services
  • Notify police immediately - get the responding officer's name and badge number
  • Obtain information from other drivers involved in the accident as well as any witnesses
  • If the accident is minor in nature, visit the nearest Collision Reporting Centre - this should be done within 24 hours
  • Report the accident to Risk Management Services (

Although many automobile accidents may appear minor in nature, it is common for third parties to suffer from bodily injuries after the incident. Failure to report an accident promptly may result in a delay or denial of claim.

Please use the Accident Reporting Guide (located in the glove compartment of every University-owned vehicle) to collect the information listed above.

Deductible - No Fault: No fault auto claims for University-owned vehicles carry a $250 deductible. Where reasonable, Risk Management Services will recover funds from third parties to reduce or eliminate deductibles.

Deductible - At Fault: At fault auto claims for University-owned vehicles carry a higher deductible and depends on the type of University-owned vehicle involved in the accident.

All incidents should be reported as soon as possible. In an emergency situation contact Emergency Services (911) and Campus Security.

Please use the York University Incident Reporting Form (Non-Employee) to report any incidents to us. This form is for reporting incidents related to non-employees (students, visitors, volunteers, etc.) only.

The form should be filled out by the staff/faculty members responsible for the injured parties. If a student is injured, their Faculty or Department Head should be notified.

For more information on Injury Reporting, please see the Standard Operating Procedure on Incident Reporting (Non-Employees).

For your convenience, please use our Property Claim Reporting Form. Upon submitting the form, Risk Management Services will contact you with further instructions regarding your property claim. This form is ONLY for reporting the loss of University-owned property. Please see the Personal Property Claim tab below for more information on damaged personal property.

In the event of a fire or flood please reference the Response to Fire and Flood Occurrence Guidance Checklist available through Health & Safety Resources.

In the event of major property damage requiring emergency response (water extraction, drying, decontamination, restoration, etc.) please call ...

Deductible: Property claims are subject to a $2,500 deductible to be charged to the department experiencing the loss. Departments who experience repeated loss, stolen, or damaged property can potentially face higher deductibles based on a review of their loss history.

Personal property of individuals, including students, faculty, staff, contractors, and the public is NOT covered by the University's insurance policies. Please refer to your own insurance policies for possible coverage of your property.

Make a Claim

If you have experienced costs as the result of an incident which you believe York University may be responsible for, click here for more information.