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Make a Claim

University Personnel: To report the damage of University-owned property, click here.

If you have experienced costs as the result of an incident which you believe York University may be responsible for, you must follow the process outlined below for your claim to be considered.

York University requires that all claims be submitted in writing using the Notice of Claims form. Confirmation of your claim submission will be sent within one week and an investigation will begin. Please note that a claim can take several weeks to process depending on the nature of the incident. We recommend that you include the following with your submission as an incomplete submission will result in the delay of the investigation of your claim:

  • Contact Information (name, address, email, etc.)
  • Date and location of the incident (please be as specific as possible)
  • A description of the incident and a description of the damage/injury that resulted
  • Photographs of the property damage or injury
  • Repair cost estimates from a recognized repair facility
  • Witness statements

York University will only consider your claim if it is determined that York University is responsible for your injury or property damage.

Incomplete forms will result in a delay of the investigation of your claim.

We suggest that in all cases of damage to your own property, you contact your insurance company to arrange for immediate reimbursement. York University will not pay for consequential damages (inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, etc.)

If it is determined that you have submitted a fraudulent claim, York University may pursue any action considered necessary under the law.