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Research Resources

How can we help?

If you are about to enter into a contract, Risk Management can provide information on York's insurance policies and risk management practices, including reviewing the wording of any contracts for insurance and indemnity clauses.

Risk Assessment & Planning

Risk Management can provide ongoing support to researchers, departments, and other parts of the University by:

  • Assisting in the preparation of travel plans to mitigate personal injury and property loss
  • Advising on the safeguarding of University property when equipment is taken off campus
  • Assisting with the recover of costs should loss occur

Research Equipment

When equipment is taken off campus for research purposes (on a temporary basis), it is advisable that the researcher maintains a full inventory list of the equipment to assist in cost recovery should a loss from theft or damage occur.

Research equipment located on campus, whether of a high dollar value or of particular research importance, should be safeguarded as best as possible. Theft prevention can be managed through Risk Management Services and Security Services.

Please notify us if equipment in excess of $100,000 is taken off campus.