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Student Film Production Insurance

The Department of Cinema and Media Arts, in collaboration with Risk Management Services has created an online application for student productions to request insurance coverage through the University's insurance program.

Students, please:

Risk Management Services will review the application with the students and issue a letter confirming insurance coverage for the production once the application is complete and any high risks have appropriate mitigation plans.

Students should submit their application at least one week prior to the start of filming, as requests will take several days to process. If you have submitted an application, and Risk Management Services has not responded, please contact us.

For more information on Student Film Production Insurance details, please visit Film 411.

Incident Reporting: If an incident occurs during filming, please contact Risk Management Services at with any details including a completed YU Incident Report. If serious, call 705-229-4282. If calling after hours, calls will be re-directed to the Risk Manager on call.


If you need to provide proof of insurance to secure a filming permit or it is a condition of a rental agreement, let Risk Management Services know during the review process and we can provide you with a Certificate of Insurance.

Take proper precautions when filming at night. This can include having adequate lighting, and barricades/pylons/marking devices. Please scope out your filming location to ensure that there are no hazards for night filming.

No two locations are the same. Let Risk Management know of your filming plans to help with a risk assessment and any insurance or logistics requirements.

Productions need to obtain the proper permissions from all locations to film. This can include rental agreements for filming at studios and venues, and permits issued by municipalities for filming on public property.

Filming without permission can void the insurance coverage.

If using songs/compositions created specifically for this production, please obtain written permission from those involved in creating the music.

You may also want to give credit to them at the end of the film.

Please make sure care is taken while performing any stunts, ensuring that all stunts are property simulated to avoid injury. This can include:

  • Working with a stunt coordinator
  • Having proper prep/rehearsal/choreography for stunt sequences
  • Making sure all actors involved in the scene are aware of the stunt requirements and have agreed to them
  • Using props that are intended for stunt work and are acquired from a reputable prop company

No two stunts are the same. Please let Risk Management Services know of any planned stunts during the review process to allow for a risk assessment.

This insurance does NOT include coverage for any kind of rental vehicle. Please agree to and pay for the rental car damage insurance.