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What courses count towards science breadth?

What courses count towards science breadth?

Science degree programs require completion of a specified number of credits in science disciplines outside the major. For Biology and Environmental Biology programs, courses that count towards science breadth include the following: 

SC/CHEM –excluding SC/CHEM 1500, 1509 and SC/CHEM courses cross-listed to BCHM or BIOL. 

LE/EECS – all courses 

LE/ESSE – all courses 

SC/MATH –excluding SC/MATH 1510, 1520, 1532, 1581 

SC/PHYS –excluding SC/PHYS 1510 

SC/STS – all courses 

HH/PSYC and HH/KINE –excluding courses that are identified as being non-science in the course description (has something like the following in the course description: “Note this course does not count for science credit”) 

SC/GEOG –excludes courses listed as AP/GEOG or GL/GEOG (must have SC prefix). 

Excluded science subjects that do NOT count towards science breadth for biology and environmental biology programs: SC/NATS, SC/BIOL, SC/BCHM, SC/BPHS, SC/ENVB