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Career Peer Educator - Fall/Winter 2021-22

POSITION TITLE: Career Peer Educator  

DEPARTMENT: Career Education & Development 

ELIGIBILITY: Must be Work/Study Eligible  and must complete the Online Student Financial Profile  


RATE OF PAY: $14.25 

EMPLOYMENT TERM: Fall/Winter 2021-22 

HOURS OF WORK: 10 hours to 15 hours per week. Flexible schedule between 8:30am-4:30pm, Mondays to Fridays; some early morning and early evening, and weekend work may be required. 

As part of your work study experience, you will be asked to participate in Becoming YU – a new program designed to support students in creating meaningful goals and objectives, recognize the value of your experiences, identify the leadership and career competencies you gain through these experiences and confidently articulate your skills and experiences, whether it’s for a future job or further education opportunity. Throughout your work/study experience you will have the opportunity to meet regularly with your coach to set goals and objectives, report and reflect on your progress and get valuable feedback. 


York University's Career Education & Development Centre supports students in developing the skills and strategies they need to be successful in their individual job searches and broader career goals. We provide career exploration and job search support to York's current students from all faculties and departments, in all levels of study, and for up to two years after graduation.   

The Career Peer Educator will support the Career Education & Development Centre's programs and services by increasing awareness of the Career Education & Development Centre and its services; supporting students in building career self-management skills; developing the skills and strategies they need to be successful in their individual job searches and broader career goals, creating opportunities for students to make connections; and encouraging dialogue around careers. 

Responsibilities include… 

Peer Support & Coaching: 

  • Identify student needs and assist students in locating accurate career and job search information 
  • Make informed referrals to programs and services within and outside the Career Education & Development Centre 
  • Using a peer coaching approach, support students and recent grads with their career questions in one-to-one, group, and tabling settings (Career Lounge, Red Zone, Learning Commons, special events, and other venues as needed) 

Peer Outreach & Education: 

  • Represent the Career Education & Development Centre at various campus events; be proactive at events by engaging passers-by; promote Career Education & Development Centre services and act as an ambassador of the Career Education & Development Centre 
  • Assist at Career Education & Development Centre events as needed (e.g., Career Fair) 
  • Develop content for the Career Education & Development Centre’s website and social media (e.g., Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) 
  • Engage in project work to support Career Education & Development Centre services and personal/professional goals (e.g., research, reports, resource development, etc.)  

Administration & Training: 

  • Track service usage and metrics; input data and perform administrative tasks as assigned  
  • Participate in preparatory and in-service training offered by the Career Education & Development Centre, the BecomingYU program, as well as ongoing team meetings and supervision 
  • Perform other duties as assigned 


Education & Experience:  

  • Proven interest in student success and supporting fellow students 
  • Practical experience coaching and/or advising others; ability to build rapport and apply active listening skills 
  • Experience making effective referrals; ability to exercise sound judgment in dispensing information and recognize when to go to/refer to professional staff at the Career Education & Development Centre 
  • Strong knowledge of the Career Education & Development Centre's services, activities and website; and York University's programs and services (e.g., support services, leadership and involvement opportunities) 
  • Basic understanding of job search strategies, resumé writing and social media presence; preferably gained by participating in Career Education & Development Centre programs and services  

Skills & Qualifications: 

  • Demonstrated commitment to the team - shows initiative, gives feedback, asks questions, and has a positive attitude 
  • Ability to build positive working relationships with others; ability to problem solve and work past potential communication barriers while demonstrating friendliness, patience, and approachability 
  • Embraces the diversity of the York University community; actively promotes and facilities inclusiveness 
  • Adherence to the ethical standards of the Career Education & Development Centre; maintains student confidentiality, and demonstrates integrity 
  • Demonstrated strong work ethic; is punctual, reliable, professional 
  • Manages time effectively, is organized, and flexible to change
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills 
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), and online job search sites an asset  


Through this role, Career Peer Educators will have opportunities to develop and enhance specific skills in the following competencies: 

  • Advising/Counselling: Provide information, insight or suggestions to support and aid students and alumni in making informed career-related decisions 
  • Motivating & inspiring: Stimulating or generating students' interest/confidence in and enthusiasm for deciding or taking a course of action in pursuit of one’s goals 
  • Promoting & facilitating inclusiveness: Working toward creating an environment in which everyone involved feels that they matter, are supported, and can be fully engaged 
  • Demonstrating professionalism & a positive attitude: Approaching individuals, situations and problems with professionalism, optimism, energy and motivation 
  • Communication: Communicating verbally; active listening; exercising tact & diplomacy; customizing communication style and content 

Feedback, Ongoing Support and Reflection: 

  • Career Peer Educators will participate in weekly meetings with their supervisor and/or Career Peer Lead. These meetings will provide space to discuss challenges, engage in reflection, and participate in ongoing training  
  • Career Peer Educators will participate in Becoming YU check-in meetings with their supervisor/coach each term. In addition, the supervisor/coach provides feedback during regularly scheduled meetings as challenges and successes arise 

Networking and Mentorship Opportunities: 

  • Opportunity to work alongside professional staff in the Career Education & Development Centre 
  • Opportunity to meet and work with student volunteers, staff and external partners 
  • Opportunity to learn about the Career Education & Development Centre and other York activities and events 
  • Opportunity to learn about events, workshops and services offered by the Career Education & Development Centre 

Personal and Professional Development and Workplace Competencies: 

  • Skills development in the areas of peer support, active listening, and making effective referrals 
  • Experience engaging in community outreach 
  • The ability to work cooperatively with others in the accomplishment of joint tasks and common objectives 
  • Increased knowledge of career and campus information resources and services 
  • Exposure to and experience within a professional office environment 
  • Developing the ability to identify and articulate one’s own learning, through reflections, feedback and meetings with team and supervisor/coach 


  • Joint Training for Fall/Winter Peers- Week of August 30 – Sept 3rd 
  • SafeTalk Training to be completed within first two months of role 
  • Ongoing monthly Peer Leader Training: Professional Development  
  • Spark: Winter Leadership Summit (January/February)  


  • Please attach a targeted resumé and cover letter 
  • Prior to applying, interested applicants are encouraged to take advantage of the resumé, cover letter, and interview preparation resources at the Career Education & Development Centre 

APPLICATION CLOSING DATE: Friday, July 16, 2021. 


  • Only those applicants considered for an interview will be contacted 
  • All applicants must submit their application using a or if unpermitted, a e-mail domain