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Lead Leadership Peer Educator & Program Assistant - Summer 2021 & Fall/Winter 2021-22

POSITION TITLE: Lead Leadership Peer Educator & Programs Assistant 

UNIT & DEPARTMENT: Student Community & Leadership Development 

ELIGIBILITY: Full-time Domestic and Full-time International students. Must be work/study eligible and must complete the online Student Financial Profile

NUMBER OF POSITIONS: 1 Summer, continuing into Fall/Winter as Lead position 


EMPLOYMENT TERM: Summer + Fall/Winter (May – August, Sept – April 30th

HOURS OF WORK: Summer term: 30 hours/week. Fall/Winter term = 10 – 15 hours/week. 

As part of your work study experience, you will be asked to participate in Becoming YU – a new program designed to support students in creating meaningful goals and objectives, recognize the value of your experiences, identify the leadership and career competencies you gain through these experiences and confidently articulate your skills and experiences, whether it’s for a future job or further education opportunity.  Throughout your work/study experience you will have the opportunity to meet regularly with your coach to set goals and objectives, report and reflect on your progress and get valuable feedback. 

JOB DESCRIPTION: Lead Leadership Peer Educator & Programs Assistant will work directly with the Student Leadership and Development Coordinator to provide support for York’s leadership development programming. They will also act as a resource, mentor and support for the student staff team, and will assume additional responsibilities in the areas of project and administrative support, and team development. 

  • During the summer, work with Student Leadership & Development Coordinator to inventory, plan for, and develop programs, trainings, offerings and leadership workshops for the upcoming year.  
  • Assist the Leadership & Development Coordinator in implementing plans with the full team during F/W. 
  • Assists in developing professional/personal development for team, as well as for PLT Professional Development Series to support community and peer to peer learning.  
  • Acts as a positive role model by demonstrating leadership, and working collaboratively with other SCLD/relevant areas to brainstorm/plan community engagement events. 
  • Researching, developing & presenting workshops on various leadership topics to their peers 
  • Assist with innovative ways to use various social/digital media platforms to market the events and program to current York students and staff to reach a broader audience. 
  • Assist Student Leadership & Development Coordinator with writing & implementing leadership curriculum. 
  • Liaise with current students and student leaders at York on matters pertaining to leadership development, including custom programming & training requests and individual questions or concerns. 
  • Compile and input program-related data and statistics for analysis. 
  • Assist with planning, creating and executing all of the below leadership events and programs including, but not limited to:  
    • Leadership Retreat at YorkU 
    • Leadership trainings: college presidents, peer mentors etc. 
    • Peer Leader Training 
    • Peer Leader Training: Professional Development Series (ongoing) 
    • Leadership Retreat at YorkU 
    • Leadership trainings: college presidents, peer mentors etc. 
    • Peer Leader Training 
    • Peer Leader Training: Professional Development Series (ongoing)
    • Leadership Community of Practice 
    • Winter Leadership Summit – day long leadership conference 
    • Becoming YU Student Success Mentorship Program 


Education & Experience: 

Applicants must be current York undergraduate students. Preference will be given to applicants with a proven track record of demonstrated leadership, as well as a genuine interest in and comprehensive knowledge of various career and leadership topics, social justice, and the ways in which we can reflect current world events in programming; an intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel are strongly recommended, as well as experience using Photoshop and design programs such as Canva. Incumbent must also have strong research & presentation skills.  

Skills and Qualifications:  

  • Demonstrates effectiveness in program development, and coordination. 
  • Event and activity planning experience. 
  • Sound judgement. 
  • Must be highly organized, energetic & able to make a positive contribution to all tasks related to the smooth functioning of Student Leadership programming at York.  
  • Demonstrated skills in event planning and management.  
  • Excellent communication skills: written, oral & the ability & willingness to speak in front of large groups. 
  • Demonstrated excellence in prioritizing tasks with superior attention to detail. 
  • Demonstrated ability to work flexibly with competing deadlines.  
  • Superior customer service and interpersonal skills, while presenting a professional image of themselves, the program and the University at all times.  
  • Well versed in social media networking and community building strategies and tactics. 
  • Relevant multimedia content curation with creativity and “out of the box” thinking.  
  • Excellent computer skills (word processing, email, database management, spreadsheets) 
  • Demonstrates reliability, punctuality and eagerness towards new experiences and learning. 
  • Ability to accurately complete tasks diligently and on time. 
  • Ability and willingness to work both independently and as part of a team with students, volunteers and staff. 
  • Students who are a good fit for this position are approachable, knowledgeable and open to learning about themselves and others. They will show high levels of Emotional Intelligence combined with excellent adaptability and organizational skills. 


Through this role, the Leadership Events and Program Assistants will have opportunities to develop and enhance specific skills in the following competencies: 

  1. Communication 
  1. Interpersonal Connections 
  1. Personal Success 
  1. Social Responsibility and Community Engagement 
  1. Knowledge Acquisition and Application 
  1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 

Student-staff will develop the above skills and competencies through:  

Orientation and Training and Ongoing Professional Development  

  • Orientation training for Leadership Events and Program Assistants includes centralized workshops at Peer Leader Training on various leadership related topics. Students also receive role specific training on topics such as event planning, managing event logistics, social media & communication guidelines and managing priorities.  
  • Leadership Events and Program Assistants will have regular meetings with their supervisor to receive further project specific training.  

Feedback, Ongoing Support and Reflection 

  • Leadership and Program Assistants will have weekly one on one meetings with their supervisor. The Leadership & Program Assistant will be asked to provide feedback on the skills learned and practiced with ongoing projects, and identify areas of growth, challenges and solutions so that their supervisor provides area-specific support.  
  • Leadership and Program Assistants will also participate in self-assessment opportunities throughout the term, as well as a performance review process with their supervisor each term. The supervisor will also provide feedback with each one-on-one meeting as challenges arise.  

Networking and Mentorship Opportunities 

  • Opportunity to work alongside professional staff in the Student Community & Leadership Development office, Career Center, and will also sit on committees with various departmental backgrounds.  
  • Opportunity to meet and interact with a diverse group of students while supporting various leadership conferences.  
  • Opportunity to work with other dynamic peers from different units within the Student Community & Leadership department.  
  • Opportunity to participate in and attend professional development workshops with supervisor.  
  • Opportunity to serve as a role model to peers.  

Personal and Professional Development, Classroom and Workplace Competencies 

  • Exposure to and experience working within an office environment.  
  • Experience developing interpersonal, communication, public speaking and presentation skills throughout the term while helping coordinate various leadership programs.  
  • Enhanced technical skills in the classroom with practice developing proficiency in media and communication, presentation delivery, and critical thinking.  
  • Increased awareness of and experience with intercultural awareness when helping coordinate leadership programming.  
  • Enhanced leadership and self-regulation skills.  
  • Development of skills in event planning, project planning, communicating with other professional staff, timeline management, problem solving during events, and providing onsite support with various logistical tasks.  
  • Development of the ability to identify strengths, areas of growth, learning, benefits of reflecting through meetings with supervisor.  


  • Peer Leader Training (End of April/Beginning of May, Date TBA) 
  • May Summer Orientation 
  • Ongoing monthly Peer Leader Training: Professional Development 
  • Leadership Unit Training: Week of August 30 – Sept 3rd 
  • Spark: Winter Leadership Summit (January/February) 
  • Ongoing Training advised as far in advance as possible  

*Dates subject to change; additional training may be added.  


  • Cover letter  
  • Resumé 
  • Workshop Design Assignment once applicant has moved on to interview stage. 
  • Details available upon interview invitation.  


12pm, March 22, 2021 


  • Only those applicants considered for an interview will be contacted. 
  • All applicants must submit their application using a or if unpermitted, a e-mail domain. 
  • Please email Urshian Khalid (she/her), Leadership & Development Coordinator at with questions.